Aurora from Child of Light is finally donenenenene!

Aurora - Child of Light WIP!

GODS I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO SO LITTLE TIME! I just need a little more time to finish this and some more time to play Bioshock 2.


posted 2 months ago

Finally back in the momentum of pursuit but the wind is stronger and much more unpredictable. Expect days of absence from Tumblr and stuffs. Man I need to manage my time!

posted 5 months ago

My Dragoon Fanart paintings :D

Luna Garnet © Me

I like gowns.

For some reasons I just can’t draw realism really well. Sorry, Sherlock! ( also added some paint overlays so it wont look so dull)

The Blue Sea Dragoon w00t~!

Aye Merry Christmas, tumblr!

The Violet Dragoon 

Haschel is done w00t!!

A preview of Haschel ( blowing a kiss or whatever) WIP.  Not satisfied with the colours so I gotta do it again. D:

Doodling to the thoughts in my unrelentingly restless mind, and I think I should colour finish her, so this is a WIP at the moment. The pen tablet is magic.

"Late at night, things I thought I put behind me haunt my mind…"

Snapshots of better-close-ups-of my work completed earlier, with my new magic pen… Well the painting process is definitely faster!

Sketching with the tablet pen, messing with customization. Still weird with painting, but sketching is awesome I can puke rainbows!