posted 1 month ago

Finally back in the momentum of pursuit but the wind is stronger and much more unpredictable. Expect days of absence from Tumblr and stuffs. Man I need to manage my time!

posted 4 months ago

My Dragoon Fanart paintings :D

Luna Garnet © Me

I like gowns.

For some reasons I just can’t draw realism really well. Sorry, Sherlock! ( also added some paint overlays so it wont look so dull)

The Blue Sea Dragoon w00t~!

Aye Merry Christmas, tumblr!

The Violet Dragoon 

Haschel is done w00t!!

A preview of Haschel ( blowing a kiss or whatever) WIP.  Not satisfied with the colours so I gotta do it again. D:

Doodling to the thoughts in my unrelentingly restless mind, and I think I should colour finish her, so this is a WIP at the moment. The pen tablet is magic.

"Late at night, things I thought I put behind me haunt my mind…"

Snapshots of better-close-ups-of my work completed earlier, with my new magic pen… Well the painting process is definitely faster!

posted 9 months ago

Sketching with the tablet pen, messing with customization. Still weird with painting, but sketching is awesome I can puke rainbows!



I was only few hours into testing this awesome magic, and at first I was traumatized (lol dramatic word) by the tablet pen for its “pressure-detectable” feature, and the fact that all brushes I used, no matter the density, when drawn normally produces such SOFT, varied strokes, as compared to the mouse, and also by the weird pen-mind-eye coordination between drawing on a pad you aren’t looking at and seeing it on screen… If you get what I mean.

Anyway, I did a quick sketch in both pen and mouse to get a better feel for the differences, and there it is in the figure above; two bunnies. LEFT: TABLET. RIGHT: MOUSE.

LEFT: I could pretty much sketch it out in a matter of seconds although I was still trying to get a grip on the pen. There is some pen-brain-screen-not-in-sync-lines shown there, but I pretty much drew everything out on the same density of about 90%, without a need to zoom at all. However that is not the brush stroke I am used to seeing at that density…**drum roll**

RIGHT: I tried using my thoroughly-abused-over-its-time-here mouse to sketch the rabbit like the one on the left with the same density and brush size at first, without zooming in, starting with the outline of the ears then the face, but obviously I failed to replicate the same ears and face of the left rabbit. The strokes coming from the mouse are always bolder and chunkier (which I am very much used to, but still annoys me the most when I sketch on the comp). Then, instinctively by habit, I proceeded to decrease the brush size, and zoom in on the rabbit face for a better grip to draw the eyes, nose and whiskers. Then I zoomed back out to 100%. The results are obviously a far cry from the left.. For the body, (eheheheh) I tried to replicated how the left one looks like by employing this technique I always use for sketching or painting, that is to mess around with Density, Brush Size, Blending and Dilution all at once.YEP. It will eventually look close enough to the left bunny, but a lot of repainting over the lines and adjustments will be needed.

Well I am just starting out on this pen, and there is so much to adapt to and learn from. I don’t know how my future works will look like, BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT. I AM EXCITED. YEY.

posted 9 months ago

Painting practice(?) of Jillian my main character from Skyrim. She has too much eye make up, wears the Volsung, and favors the Nightingale bow and the Mace of Molag Bal.

She is also known as the following titles (not inclusive of lolol)

Thane of Whiterun
Thane of Markarth
Arch Mage
"been seen in the company of the Companions"